Malle W. Trousseau — Container Tray (16 pc)

L 80 cm x W 60 cm x H 30 cm

Oven Dishes: Sober and elegant these oven dishes are clever because they can be stacked in the oven letting you prepare the main course and its accompaniment at the same time. White porcelain with 4 silicone feet. 35 x 24 x 6.5 cm / 24 x 17 x 6.5 cm. Made in Denmark. (Includes 2)

Balloon Whisk: Indispensable for mixing and preparing sauces and creams. Stainless steel. 10 branches, 30 cm. Made in Germany.

Chicken Cooker: This German manufacturer is justly famous for his high quality utensils made from natural clay. This extraordinary object may surprise you: first by what it looks like, then by the quality of what it prepares. Coated terracotta / 23 cm. Made in Germany.

Mixing Bowls: Designed in 1949 by Sigvard Bernadotte, these bowls are icons of Danish design. Their functionality has been repeatedly proven over the years. Melamine, spouts and handles. 3 2 1.5 liters. Made in Denmark. (Includes 3)

Potato Masher: This is the sort of utensil which we have lost the habit of using and that are a throwback to the past and a reminder of lost flavors. Stainless steel / 30 cm. Made in Germany.

Chopping Boards: Same origin as the others. Solid beech, vegetable oil finish. 37 x 20 cm / 31 x 15 cm. Made in France.

Multi-Purpose Colander: Used by professionals to drain large quantities, it is a stable and robust item. Here we envisage a new life for it in our kitchen. Solid, thick aluminum, pierced on the sides and at the base. Riveted handles and feet. 30 cm diameter, 8 liters. Made in France.

Large Dish Towels: This large format dish cloth is useful for cleaning large pots or they can be worn around the waist for protection. 62% Linen, 38% Hemp. 1m 30 x 46 cm. Same origin as the others. Made in France. (Includes 2)

Stock Pot: Made in Villedieu-les-Poêles by Mauviel, this emblematic item of family cooking is made from a single piece of steel which makes it remarkably solid and efficient. The insert makes cooking pasta and spaghetti easy and safe. Multi-layered 18/10 Stainless steel, 2.6 mm thick with an aluminum core, solid base. Cast iron handle fixed by stainless steel rivets. Polished exterior. 28 cm diameter, 6 liters. Made in France.

Spaghetti Spoon: Stainless steel / 31 cm. Made in Germany.

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